Palram_Canopies_Aquila_1500_Clear168 Palram_Canopy_Aqila_2050_Clear168 Palram_Canopies_Venus_1350_02-168
AQUILA 1500 Door Awning 36×59 AQUILA 2050 Door Awning 36×81 VENUS 1350 Door Awning 34×53
Palram_Canopies_Lyra_1350-168 Aquila-2050_Extra_Clear168 Herald_2230_0891-168
LYRA 1350 Door Awning 35×53 AQUILA 2050 Extra Door Awning 55×81 HERALD 2230 Clear Door Awning 55×88
Palram_Canopies_Vega_2000_03-168 Palram_Patio_Cover_Sierra_2.3x2.3-168
VEGA 2000 Door Awning 79×79 SIERRA Patio Cover 90 x 90 Neo 1350 Door Awning 34×54

Canopy or door awning is a system unique in its ingenuity and simplicity of assembly. Canopy products combine high-tech materials, steel and anodized Aluminum profiles, highly impact-resistant Polycarbonate, PVC and Acrylic covers.

Advanced laser cut techniques provide excellent structural performance and stylish design. Consumers, Dealers and Distributors can appreciate this product’s easy-to-carry, compact packaging and competitive pricing. Easy to assemble – 2 to 3 hours set-up time Elegant design Laser cut painted steel supporting arms & anodized aluminum gutter & wall mount Easily cleaned using compatible materials Available in variety of glazing materials All glazing materials are UV protected. The wonderful thing about a door awning is that it can be used for any type door – front door, sliding back door, French door, etc. So what are the benefits of a door awning? You might be surprised by some of the reasons people add an awning to their home. Some benefits are obvious but some are not. One of the obvious benefits of adding a door awning to your home has to do with blocking out the sun, the door awning can shield your door from the hot, UV rays. Another benefit to a door awning is protection from the rain. If you live in area where it rains often or you happen to find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day, the door awning will provide immediate protection. In this case, you could set up a nice outdoor picnic lunch for antsy kids tired of being trapped indoors. The door awning would allow them a way to get outside without getting wet. Some people just love watching rainfall so with a door awning, you could stand outside with a good cup of coffee and enjoy. In addition to these obvious benefits for a door awning, two other aspects often overlooked are indoor protection and reduced utility bills. As we mentioned, a door awning can provide protection from the hot sun’s rays, which allows you the opportunity to stand outside on a hot day. However, this type of protection also means protecting your valuables on the inside. Because UV rays can cause fading, if the sun shines directly into your home, it can actually cause damage to the flooring, furniture, artwork, wall paint, and so on. Rather than have your precious items ruined by fading, a door awning would eliminate the problem. When buying a door awning, it is important that you choose what you like but also the best material for your particular home. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company Located in Greater Toronto area. Please visit our friends: Greenhouses Canada Store Link to: Backyard Living Canada Link to: Canada-Greenhouse-Kits.ca

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